At ARIS Robotics we are passionate about solving the environmental challenges of today

We have decided to tackle one of the key issues within sustainability, which is how we handle our waste and our resources.

We are developing a solution that utilises Deep Learning and image-based classification to sort consumer waste. Thereby shifting the responsibility of sorting waste from people to machines - and reducing the amount of recyclable waste that ends up in a landfill.

Innovating for a better tomorrow

Our technology is deployable in the manufacturing and waste handling industry. By improving recyclability of materials handled in these industries we work towards target 9.4 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals of upgrading industries for sustainability.

Likewise through better sorting of municipal waste, we work towards target 11.6 by reducing the environmental impact from cities through better waste management.

With better sorting comes better recyclability. This reduces waste generation and limits the need of extracting virgin materials. With better sorting technology we work towards targets 12.2 and 12.5 by using natural resources more eficiently and recycling more.